How I was able to grab an offer in recession with the help of Bosscoder Academy

Pranjal Ahluwalia

2nd September, 2023

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” — Tony Robbins

The recession period has been difficult for everyone and proved to be difficult for me as well. I was recently laid off by my old company in May 2023.

With this, I also realised that there is something lagging in myself as well, regarding skills and knowledge. This motivated me to upskill myself and improve my coding skills.

I decided to join Bosscoder Academy and it was of great help. One thing I really liked here was the Implementation Labs where the instructor would solve the questions live in front of us.

The live classes are very insightful and interactive. For example, I didn’t use to be very good at Bit Manipulation, but after going through the classes at Bosscoder I was able to close that knowledge gap and now I can say I am pretty confident at it.

Another thing I really liked about Bosscoder is 1:1 the Mentor Sessions. My mentor is really supportive and helpful.

I have recently started working at Forbes Marshall. Thanks to Bosscoder.

I believe that one should stay consistent and confident in their preparation. With right guidance, proper structured path and mentorship, you can easily achieve your goals.

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