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bosscoder review rahul placed in google
Rahul Verma
Opening Qoute
I would recommend Bosscoder Academy to anyone who wants to either become an expert in DSA or crack tech giant interviews.
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bosscoder review lavanya placed in meta
Opening Qoute
The syllabus is most up-to-date and the list of problems provided covers all important topics and questions from an interview perspective.
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bosscoder review sourabh placed in paypal
Sourabh Bhavsar
Opening Qoute
After evaluating a lot of options, I decided to join Bosscoder Academy, and it indeed turned out to be a good decision. To put it in a nutshell, the course really emphasizes on all the required concepts and is more learning focused, making you strong in DS Algo and System Design. I have been benefitted due to this, and recently got selected in PayPal as SDE3.
bosscoder review irshad placed in byte dance
Opening Qoute
I got placed at ByteDance Singapore and I am very thankful to Bosscoder Academy.
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bosscoder review arun placed in myntra
Arun Kumar
Opening Qoute
consistency and the level of questions in the assignments made me more confident in doing medium to hard-level problems.
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bosscoder mentor ankur work in walmart
Ankur Raj
Opening Qoute
It is an intensive program, where 3-4 hours of effort is required from your side also everyday. Some key features which I liked: Live classes: High quality & best teachers. Syllabus: Best curriculum, we had very good level classes on DS & Algo. Mentors: Regular mentor sessions to track your progress and setting milestones. Mock Interviews: to find weakness and work on them.
bosscoder review ishika raj placed in american express
Ishika Raj
Opening Qoute
By proper guidance from the teachers and mentors, I was able to get an internship at American Express.
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bosscoder review dheeraj placed in amazon
Dheeraj Barik
Opening Qoute
Bosscoder gives you everything starting from Data Structures and Algorithms, High Level and Low Level Design followed CS Fundamentals and then a Web Dev project. In this structured training, with a minimum hard work of 3-4 hours daily and by the help of the instructors, I can definitely see myself improving. I have learned to solve hard problems at Bosscoder Academy.
bosscoder review akhil placed in recro
Akhil Reddy
Opening Qoute
Bosscoder Academy made me a complete software engineer.
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bosscoder review aarushi cracked amazon atlassian
Aarushi Jain
Opening Qoute
This excellent curriculum helped me to invest my efforts in the right direction.
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bosscoder review yash placed in arcesium
Yash Kadtan
Opening Qoute
Joining Bosscoder was the best decision of my life. Live sessions taken by top tech professionals are the best.
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bosscoder review subharoop placed in oracle hyland
Opening Qoute
Bosscoder has a world class curriculum and daily problem solving made me emerge confident in coding
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bosscoder review rohal kurup placed in dassault systems
Rohal Kurup
Opening Qoute
Excellent curriculum, structured topics and hand-picked questions helped me focus in the right direction rather than just randomly searching the topics from youtube. Mentor session always helped me clear my all doubts in no time and Mock Interviews helped me boost my confidence. Recently I was able to crack Dassault System with a package of more than 50% from my current package.
bosscoder review vishal placed in barclays
Opening Qoute
The sessions were so good that everyday I felt some kind of improvement in me. Throughout the course I felt that that It will be easy to crack my dream company after completing this course.
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bosscoder review aps manideep placed in smartcoin
A P S Manideep
Opening Qoute
This course helped me to crack multiple internship opportunities and also helped in becoming confident in my skills.
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bosscoder review pranab sarkar placed in hyland
Pranab Sarkar
Opening Qoute
On the result part, after taking up their course, my confidence in problem-solving grew considerably. The questions asked in the test and the subsequent interview were all from topics taught to us. I was able to get a job offer from Hyland within the 4th month of joining this course.
bosscoder review ashish johnson placed in blackstraw
Ashish Johnson
Opening Qoute
For me Bosscoder academy was a boon towards my problem solving ability. Although coming from a CS background it was a bit overwhelming to solve new coding question, but then I was introduced to Bosscoder academy and right from the first class I started liking the classes and also got to know about the different techniques to approach a problem which indeed was a boon to me.
bosscoder review manas punj placed in oracle
Manas Punj
Opening Qoute
The best thing about Bosscoder Academy is that you get everything under one roof including regular TA sessions and Live Dedicated Doubt clearing sessions.
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bosscoder review vivek placed in hyland
Opening Qoute
I wanted a clear path and a mentor who could guide me. After searching through a few courses, I decided to join bosscoder because of their result statistics. They provided a structured curriculum with TA support and 1:1 mentor who’d guide you every now and then with Mock interviews conducted every month and if you ask you’d get more. To summarize it, Bosscoder was a great learning experience for me.
bosscoder review sagar sonawane placed in espressif
Sagar Sonawane
Opening Qoute
Here you get everything under one roof including live classes by top tech professionals, regular problem solving sessions, coding assignments, TA sessions and Live Dedicated Doubt clearing sessions. The structure is so promising that I believe it is definitely easy to land a good job after this training.
bosscoder review naman placed in philips
Naman Jain
Opening Qoute
I find the dedicated practice questions to be very helpful from the curriculum which help me give a complete understanding of the topics. During the course they also provided me guidance on how to approach interview problems & helped prepare answers for HR questions. I am placed at Philips now!
bosscoder review siva placed in walmart
Opening Qoute
The course is very structured and helps me get a complete understanding. I find the classes to be very interactive and 1:1 with my mentor to be the best part. Also it feels good to learn with various smart students from different institutions and work places. Since joining Bosscoder Academy, I am already placed at the Themathcompany & ThoughtWorks.
bosscoder review vamsi kesav place in Blog vault
Vamsi Kesav
Opening Qoute
The best thing is that he (Mentor) is more focused on teaching how to approach a problem, optimize and code it rather than explaining the solution. By the end of this course, the student will be in such a position that he/she will be able to have the knowledge or the knack to crack any top-tier company interview and coding rounds.
bosscoder review arya cracked barclays arcesium
Arya Sekhar
Opening Qoute
Bosscoder has a world class curriculum and daily problem solving made me emerge confident in coding
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bosscoder review  Vishwajeet place in Akridata
Opening Qoute
From being rejected in 10+ Oncampus companies to getting placed at Akridata with a good package. Bosscoder has a world-class program with instructors from top tech companies. The syllabus covers everything one needs to be a good software developer from DSA to system design along with CS fundamentals.
bosscoder review pulkit cracked credflow loyalie
Opening Qoute
I have received multiple offers with 50%+ increase on my current CTC.
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bosscoder review mohit sharma placed in adobe
Mohit Sharma
Opening Qoute
What I like about Bosscoder Academy is that the syllabus was well put together, going from simpler concepts to more complex concepts, and the topics were dependent on each other. Each class itself was very structured & followed the curriculum.
bosscoder review vasthsav adapa cracked borqs appdynamics
Vasthsav Adapa
Opening Qoute
It is a very structured program with some daily goals and guided me to a better version of myself.
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bosscoder review tripti kumari cracked 1mg myntra
Tripti Kumari
Opening Qoute
The program helped me not only to get a mentor for the concepts and doubts but also to show me a proper path to achieve my target. The syllabus was so well segregated with the topics and questions that helped me to increase efficiency and capabilities to solve any problem. And all the hardwork paid off when I got an internship at Myntra.
bosscoder review niraj placed in iqvia
Opening Qoute
The course is very well structured and it has a proper roadmap for any big product based company. The most key feauture I liked about this course was DSA(Data Structure and Algorithm). Instructors have excellent knowledge, are very calm and teach very conceptually with proper examples. With the help of this course I changed my domain to software development field.
bosscoder review sumedha placed in jubilant foodworks
Opening Qoute
The teaching style is one of the best in the industry. I always used to be very scared of DSA but with this course, now I have a good conceptual knowledge and I am not scared of technical interviews.
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bosscoder review anu cracked cleartrip flipkart
Opening Qoute
They curated a special program as per my requirement, They helped with the proper roadmap and doubt clearing sessions that helped me to achieve my Target.
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    Regular 1:1 Mentorship sessions and Mock Interviews

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    Develop industry-relevant projects based on real-world examples

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bosscoder mentor rajat work in microsoftlinkedin
Rajat Garg
bosscoder mentor manish work in quoorilinkedin
Manish Garg
bosscoder mentor akshat work in arcesiumlinkedin
Akshat Gupta
bosscoder mentor vikas work in microsoftlinkedin
Vikas Sharma
bosscoder mentor mangaraj work in paypallinkedin
Sambit Mangaraj
bosscoder mentor mrinali work in amazonlinkedin
Mrinali Mangal
bosscoder mentor lokesh work in vmwarelinkedin
Lokesh Kumar
bosscoder mentor baldev work in dataweavelinkedin
Baldev P
bosscoder mentor devanshu work in adobelinkedin
Devanshu Litoria
bosscoder mentor hitesh work in amazonlinkedin
Hitesh Ahuja
bosscoder mentor ankur work in walmartlinkedin
Ankur Kesharwani
bosscoder mentor ashish work in microsoftlinkedin
Ashish Prasad
bosscoder mentor pranjal work in googlelinkedin
bosscoder mentor satish work in qualcommlinkedin
Satish Rajooru
bosscoder mentor prankur work in amazonlinkedin
Prankur Gupta
bosscoder mentor nitai work in 1mglinkedin
Nitai Agarwal
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