Bosscoder helped me become confident at Problem Solving

Nikhil Kulkarni

31st August, 2023

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” — Jim Rohn

Before joining Bosscoder I had given multiple interviews, some of them at big tech companies, but I couldn’t clear those. I would always get stuck after one or two rounds of interviews.

For this reason I knew I had to be really good at problem solving to get offers from these companies.

I got to know about Bosscoder Academy from LinkedIn, and many learners were talking about it which propelled my decision to join them.

Some things I really liked about Bosscoder was the Preparation Strategy and the Path they lay for you. DSA was taught from scratch, which is a plus point.

The Mentors are really supportive here. I benefited from the 1:1 mentor sessions and Mock Interviews a lot. Inputs from experienced mentors are always better.

I would also like to appreciate the Placement Team here. As soon as I completed my DSA part, I started getting calls from different companies. They would also make a separate group about it and share the whole preparation strategy for that particular interview.

I would rate it 5/5! I have recently got placed at Dimaag.AI, thanks to Bosscoder.

I think even someone from non cs background, if they dedicate themselves to this preparation strategy, they will easily be able to achieve their targets.

About Bosscoder !

Bosscoder Academy is a platform for ambitious engineers who want to upskill and achieve great heights in their careers.

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✅ Covers Data Structures & Algorithms, System Design & Project Development.

✅ Live Interactive Classes from Top PBC engineers.

✅ 1:1 Mentorship

✅ Quick Doubt Support

✅ Advanced Placement Support

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