How mentorship helped me transition my career

Akshat Singhania

7th September, 2023

I completed my graduation from MIT and worked initially at PWC.

I faced multiple challenges before joining Bosscoder Academy. I was already well aware of DSA, but in the interviews I was not able to solve the advanced DSA problems. As also with the recent pandemic, the level of these interviews also increased significantly.

I also faced difficulty being consistent in my preparation and I did not have any structured path.

I got to know about Bosscoder through Social Media. I also attended their Free Masterclasses and I was really amazed by their teaching. They explained all concepts very clearly and concisely.

After joining Bosscoder I was able to solve all my problems. I made an effort to attend the live classes regularly and also solved the assignment questions consistently.

Once I started to gain some confidence around my DSA and System Design part, I started applying for jobs.

My mentor guided me through this process and helped me build a perfect resume. I kept applying to multiple job positions and finally got an interview at C3.AI.

Instructors are also really great here. The doubt support and response from the team was also very fast, I didn’t have to wait much for their response.

The curriculum is very well structured and everything is taught from basics level to advanced level.

Overall my experience was wonderful here and everything went smoothly. I was finally able to covert my offer at C3.AI, thanks to Bosscoder.

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