That One Decision That Skyrocketed Vikas’ Tech Career

Vikas Bharti

15th September, 2023

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Hi everyone, I'm Vikas. With over a decade in the tech sector, I've navigated the highs and lows, working with many industry leaders. But in this dynamic tech landscape, one thing has remained constant for me that is the need for continuous learning and upskilling!

All I was looking for was consistency in my preparation and Bosscoder Academy helped me get on track and made me dedicate time to upskill myself for a few months, for a much more comfortable life in the coming years.

It's easy to solve a few problems one day and then lose track for the next few days. But Bosscoder changed that for me. Their structured sessions, assignments, and the community kept me on my toes.

“Bosscoder helped me gain consistency in my preparation journey.”

I got to know about Bosscoder Academy via LinkedIn. After going through all aspects, their competitive pricing stood out to me proving that top-tier education doesn't demand high fees. They also provide quality education updated with the latest industry standards.

“Live classes, assignments and mentor sessions helped a lot”

Juggling a demanding profession, familial duties, and rigorous preparation isn't child's play.  I dedicated my weekends to preparation, ensuring I reviewed recordings of the live sessions to revise the topics and completed daily assignments. It was a short-term sacrifice that led to long-term benefits.

“With continued efforts and dedication, I was able to crack Problem Solving”

To those thinking about Bosscoder Academy as a learning platform, here's my suggestion: Be consistent!  Whether it's daily problem-solving or dedicated learning/coding hours, consistency carves the path to triumph.

Thanks to Bosscoder, I  have recently been placed at Walmart!

My Bosscoder experience scores a solid 4/5. While perfection is a continuous journey, the expertise, friendship, and unwavering support I encountered here, were second to none. If you're in two minds about enrolling, take the plunge. In the future, you will be grateful.

About Bosscoder !

Bosscoder Academy is a platform for ambitious engineers who want to upskill and achieve great heights in their careers.

Our world-class program provides the learners with:

✅ Structured curriculum designed by experts.

✅ Covers Data Structures & Algorithms, System Design & Project Development.

✅ Live Interactive Classes from Top PBC engineers.

✅ 1:1 Mentorship

✅ Quick Doubt Support

✅ Advanced Placement Support

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