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How Avinesh Cleared Tech Interviews Despite Being From Non CS Background

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Avinesh P

Date: 25th August, 2023

"Don't watch the clock, do what it does. Keep going." - Sam Levenson

I am a 2019 graduate with a degree in Electronics and Communication. Even though programming courses like C, C++ and Java were taught in my curriculum, I never was able to understand programming and just secured the border line in these subjects to make it through college.

After graduating I realized that even for core ECE roles you must know programming. But like most of you I did not know what to study, how much to study and from where to study to secure a job at the companies I was applying for.

Since I did not come from a CS background, I wanted my preparation to be quicker and structured. This was the point when I joined Bosscoder Academy after some research from my end.

The curriculum was to the point, the fees was comparably fair and they offered everything a struggling individual would look for in a guide to help them out to achieve something that they wish for.

The syllabus covers Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer fundamentals(Operating Systems, Databases, Networking), System Design(Low level and High Level), Project(MERN stack).

This is more than you can ask for!

You have Mentors assigned to you at the beginning of the course who keep a constant check on your progress and give feedback from time to time. They also conduct Mock Interviews to assess your preparation, it also eliminates the fear of interviews since you have already practised it with your mentor.

You also have Doubt Support which helps you clear your doubts whenever you are finding it difficult to understand or solve a problem.

Honestly speaking, if you are able to follow all the live classes and then solve the problems given on that day then you will definitely see yourself improving day by day and will gain confidence in tackling challenging problems asked in most of the interviews.

I was able to do my part and I am happy to share that I got placed at Anthology with a great hike. I would like to encourage all of you to work hard and focus on your goal.

If I can do it, you can do it too!

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