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Sarveshwar Neogi

Consultant, Sprinkler

Clueless college student to Consultant at Sprinkler

I was wasting my time in college, with no idea how to improve my coding skills. The structured roadmap provided by Bosscoder transformed me into a Tech Rockstar.




B.Tech in CS



Aarushi Jain

SDE, Atlassian

No interest in coding to SDE at Atlassian

In college I wasted lots of time in learning from free resources. Bossocder Academy’s excellent curriculum helped me become consistent and do right preparation.



NIT Delhi

B.Tech in EEE



Harshith Ravinoothala

R&D Engineer 1, Synopsys

Tier 3 College Student to Product Based Company

Being a tier 3 college student I lacked exposure to coding. Bosscoder Academy helped me gain confidence in DSA and core subjects like OS, DBMS and System Design.



G.P.R Eng

College Student


R&D Engineer

Learn everything you need to get placed at top tech companies from engineers working at Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter.

The Bosscoder Recipe to Get You Placed

Structured Curriculum

  • Our curriculum covers everything you need to get placed at top tech companies.
  • Problem solving in DS & Algo, CS Fundamentals, System Design, Full Stack Specialisation & Aptitude is covered in a comprehensive manner.

Live Classes

  • This is an active learning classroom program.
  • You will have 4 classes each week divided into:
  • 1. Concept-building Sessions: Focused on building strong concepts of problem solving patterns.
  • 2. Implementation Labs: Solving multiple DS & Algo problems to enhance problem-solving intuitions.

500+ Hand Picked Problems

  • Completing all the assignment & homework problems combined with regular competitive contests & mock interviews will make sure you can solve even hard level DSA problems.

24/7 Doubt Support

  • We provide 24/7 Quick Doubt Support through our army of teaching assistants. If you are stuck while solving problems, you can ask your questions from them & you will get a quick response.

Industry-relevant projects

  • You will spend 8 weeks doing a specialization of full stack development where you will build multiple projects on frontend, backend & Full stack.
  • These projects will add enough skillset to showcase on your resume & strengthen your development skills.

1:1 Mentorship & Mock Interviews

  • You are assigned a personal mentor currently working in companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft for the entire course duration.
  • They help you in:
  • 1. Mock Interviews
  • 2. Right Guidance
  • 3. Referrals & Interview Opportunities
  • 4. Details Feedback on your performance

Placement Support

  • We provide students with exposure to opportunities from top tech companies & startups.
  • Placement support includes:
  • 1. Profile Building
  • 2. Connections & Referrals
  • 3. Scheduling interviews with diverse companies

For every Bosscoder program enrollment, we contribute 1% towards the education of 'out of school' children.


Curriculum Deepdive

A comprehensive curriculum designed by industry experts working at companies like Google, Microsoft & Apple

Phase O - 1:1 Mentor Session + Programming Language ( 4 Weeks )

You start your journey with a personalized 1:1 Mentor Session.
Based on your current knowledge of a programming language, you either:

  • Continue with Phase 0 & Build command over a programming language and then move to Phase 1
  • Directly start with Phase 1, if you are already good with writing code in any one programming language

Topics that will be covered:

  • Basics of Programming
  • If Else Conditional Statement
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Pattern Problems
  • 1D Array
  • Number System & Maths
  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • Time Complexity
  • 2D Array
  • Strings

Outcome: After this 1 month, you will be confidently coding in any one programming language.

Phase 1 - PROBLEM SOLVING IN DS & ALGO ( 16 Weeks )

Problem solving in DS & Algo is one of the most important topics to master for a software engineer fresher. That is why we spend the first 4 months of our program ensuring you have solid problem-solving skills in DS & Algo. High Quality live classes with Regular assignment problems, Doubt support, Mock interviews & Competitive contests make sure you develop strong problem solving muscles.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Time Complexity
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Binary Search
  • 2 Pointers
  • Recursion
  • Hashing
  • Sorting
  • Bit Manipulation
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Linked Lists
  • Trees
  • Tries
  • Heap
  • Greedy
  • Graphs

Outcome: After these 4 months, you will be able to solve medium to hard level problems of every topic of DS & Algo, with confidence.

Phase 2 - CS FUNDAMENTALS ( 4 Weeks )

The next 4 weeks of our course will build your fundamentals of Computer Science and will make you very confident about them. CS Fundamentals is a topic where you can expect MCQ questions, interview questions as a college student. For the same reason, we help you gain deep understanding around these concepts.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Database Management systems
  • Object oriented programming

Outcome: After these 4 weeks, you will gain fundamental knowledge of OS, CN, DBMS & OOPs. This will help you be interview ready for CS Fundamental topics.

Phase 3 - SYSTEM DESIGN ( 2 Weeks )

Nowadays, top tech companies are including basic level System Design questions in their interview process. That is why, you will spend the next 2 weeks understanding the basics of System Design & solve multiple interview problems. You will learn how to write structured code, design patterns & scalability of system.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Entity selection
  • Class & ER Diagram
  • Design Patterns
  • Distributed Systems
  • Scaling Systems
  • SQL Vs NoSQL
  • DB Design
  • Design Problems

Outcome: After these 2 weeks, you will have fundamental knowledge of System Design & gain confidence in solving interview problems.

Phase 4 - Project on Full Stack AND/ OR Machine Learning (8 weeks)

As a fresher, companies focus on your development skills and check what type of development experience you have.

That is why it is important you build your skillset in developing projects based on your interest.

In our curriculum, you can either choose between:

  1. Full Stack Development → Frontend + Backend
  2. Machine Learning & Deep Learning

You also have the option to choose both in case you want to explore both fields before taking a career decision.

Project on Full Stack Development

Topics that will be covered:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Building a server
  • MVC
  • Web Architecture
  • Node.js
  • Backend Architecture
  • Mongo DB
  • DB Design & SQL
  • Queries
  • Capsule Project #1
  • Capsule Project #2

After this module, you will build a skillset around core 2 things:

  • Good command over 1 tech stack/ framework like MERN stack.
  • Ability to implement System Design, and problem-solving concepts into the practice of building products.


Project on Machine Learning

Topics that will be covered:

  • Data Handling & Visualization
  • Feature Engineering
  • Logistic Regression
  • Linear Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • SVM
  • bagging, boosting
  • Neural Network Classifier
  • Deep Learning Algorithms - CNN
  • Deep Learning Algorithms - RNN
  • Capsule Project #1
  • Capsule Project #2

After this module, you will build a skillset around core 2 things:

  • Hands-on knowledge of Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms
  • Complete two projects based on real-world machine-learning applications

Outcome: After these 8 weeks, you will be able to develop projects of Full stack or Machine Learning with ease. Also, you will have 2 industry-relevant projects that you can showcase in your resume.

Phase 5 - Get Placed at Top Tech Companies

Once you have all the right skillset to ace an interview, it is important we focus on getting you interview opportunities.

This process is usually of 3 phases:

  1. Building a strong profile
  2. Applying the right way
  3. Acing the interview

We focus on all the above 3 aspects in this next phase.

Placement Support Includes:

  • Resume Creation
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Connect with Mentors & Alumni for referrals
  • Direct Opportunities through Bosscoder tie-up companies
  • Mock Interviews
  • Offline & Online Interview Guidelines

Outcome: You getting placed at one of the top tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

You are are in Safe Hands with our Instructors & Mentors

Our Instructors & Mentors know the importance of DS & Algo, CS Fundamentals, System Design & Development not just in interviews but throughout their tech career

bosscoder mentor rajat work in microsoft

Rajat Garg

bosscoder mentor manish work in quoori

Manish Garg

bosscoder mentor akshat work in arcesium

Akshat Gupta

bosscoder mentor vikas work in microsoft

Vikas Sharma


Fee Structure

Total Fee : Rs. 59,000/- Rs. 53,100/-

With our affordable EMI option, your fee can be as low as Rs. 5445/- month - that's even less than your monthly bills.

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