For every Bosscoder program enrollment, we contribute 1% towards the education of ‘out of school’ children.


About Har Hath Kalam

Har Hath Kalam is a non-profit organization founded in 2017. They are on a mission to ensure that no child in India is left without access to quality education. Har Hath Kalam provides safe and nurturing learning spaces where children can express themselves, engage with education, explore their potential, and cultivate self-awareness.

“Every child is part of a meaningful learning environment.”

Our Collaboration

Bosscoder Academy is honoured to partner with Har Hath Kalam in their incredible efforts to make quality education accessible to every child.

This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to empowering underserved communities through education. Together, we are working to provide wings to the dreams of these children.


Key Initiatives

Through our collaboration, Bosscoder Academy and Har Hath Kalam are implementing several key initiatives, including mentorship programs, educational resources, and support for skill development.

We are determined to make a lasting impact on the lives of these children and help them break the cycle of poverty through education.


Impact Stories

We measure our success by the smiles on the faces of the children whose lives we touch. Through our joint efforts, we aim to create a world where every child has access to a meaningful learning environment, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

Amit story

Sandhya's story

Sandhya dropped out of school & had to do household chores & begging to support her family.

1st girl in Basti to go out to Pursue education, completed 12th while working & now pursuing BSW in IGNOU.

Amit story

Amit's story

Amit (here, age -34) studied in school till 5 but has to drop out to earn and support his family.

Amit has now joined us a Community Leader as well as a facilitator in Truck Union Basti.