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How Bosscoder helped me gain Consistency in my Preparation

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Maregowda C

Date: 28th August, 2023

"Embrace Guided Effort over Excuses; Witness the Remarkable Transformation Within."

I used to work in a service based company which is good but I thought of moving to product based companies. I started giving interviews & applying for these job roles, but my resume often kept getting rejected.

I finally realized I am weak at topics like Data Structures & Algorithms and System Design. Then I started looking for platforms which can help me learn data structures and algorithms and system design.

That’s when I came to know about Bosscoder Academy. Before embarking on my journey with Bosscoder Academy, my life was filled with uncertainty. I was struggling to find my path in the vast realm of coding and programming. I knew I had potential, but I lacked direction and a structured approach to learning.

Joining Bosscoder Academy was a pivotal decision in my life. I was drawn to the course by the reputation of its comprehensive curriculum and the promise of personalised mentorship. As I reflect on my experience, I am immensely grateful for making this choice.

Advantages of Joining the Course:

I want to mention detailed components of what Bosscoder Academy provides.

Course Curriculum: It has an excellent data structures and algorithms curriculum right from arrays, strings to dynamic programming. high level, low level system, computer fundamentals and real time project development.

Live Classes: In live classes both concepts and problem solving is explained. The way instructors explain is marvelous. Here we can clear off our doubts as well.

Mentorship & Guidance: We have 1:1 mentorship sessions monthly. It is a kind of mock interview where problems will be given and we need to think and explain the approach. Mentor checks our problem solving ability and helps us to think in the right direction. I was assigned to Rahul(SDE at Google). I thank Rahul for his incredible mentorship skills and the way he guided me.

Finally I want to mention - irrespective of all the things provided above, success is in the hands of the candidate. Consistency is the key to master problem solving in DSA.

I also joined with all kinds of confusion like you, but attending classes and practising regularly enabled me to get an offer from Datazoic!!

Finally I want to thank the entire Bosscoder team for their consistent support and efforts.

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